About us


Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd (SATCoL) is the trading arm of The Salvation Army in the UK, raising funds to support the charity through their network of over 230 charity shops, growing number of Donation Centres, and over 7000 clothing banks. The SP&S devision within SATCoL supplies The Salvation Army with resources including uniforms and music. In the last 10 years, SATCoL have contributed over £70 million profit to the work of The Salvation army in the UK. SATCoL is a signatory of SCAP, the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan and less than 1% of donations received through the stores and clothing banks end up in landfill. SATCoL is aiming for zero landfill waste in 2020.


ReShare is the clothing collection division of Salvation Army in the Netherlands. The organisation collected 28,7 million kg of used textiles in 2017. In processing the donated products, ReShare offers employment to over 200 people who have difficulty entering the regular job market. Additionally 75 employees (FTE) and 105 volunteers (2017) are working in ReShare's activities. In 2014 ReShare started a retail chain in second hand clothing. In 2017 there are 10 RESHARE STORES with over 500.000 visitors a year. In the coming years ReShare is planning to expand the number of RESHARE STORES. Currently, ReShare is participating in the innovative Fibersort project and in the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP).

Frelsens Hær

FH Genbrug - DK is the clothing collecting branch of the Salvation Army in Denmark. From the first Door to Door collection in 1967, FH Genbrug has grown into an organisation collecting 5500 tonnes of clothes yearly from 1100 clothing banks. Every year 750 tonnes is run through the sorting facilities where the main focus is on collecting quality clothing for FH Genbrug stores. The rest is exported mostly via Fretex International. FH Genbrug has 20 stores of which selected ones are undergoing a total rebranding and renovation. Employment is offered to 53 people and 320 volunteers. The organisation also has its own brand - Salvation Army Redesign CPH - which offers unique and exclusive accessories created from discarded recycled clothes. This is how can be ensured that worn or discarded clothes are brought back into circulation. Overall FH Genbrug wish to make it easier for people to consume less, by selling quality second hand items and by offering repair and redesign of their own preloved clothes.


Our strength is the trade with secondhand goods. Under the brand brocki.ch Salvation Army Switzerland manages 20 secondhand stores with a sales area of more than 20’000m2.  We collect all items small and large, such as clothes, household and decoration articles, tools and furniture and sell them to the Swiss population in our stores. We are the leaders of the Swiss retail secondhand market. We are strongly comitted to finding sustainable solutions dealing with consumer goods, ensuring that goods are reused and the lifecycle of products is prolonged. 

Fretex International

Fretex International (FI) is a separate trading company owned by Fretex (Norway) and Myrorna (Sweden). The company is trading used clothes, bric & brac and other products from our suppliers that they do not need for their own shops or humanitarian work. Fretex International is currently working for the Salvation Army in Norway, sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, and several other organisations in Sweden and Norway. The company exported 32,7 million kg of used textiles and other products in 2018. A close Code of Conduct-cooperation is implemented with all customers.

Fretex Norway

Fretex Norway is the trading wing of Salvation Army in Norway.

The Network and its 6 members

The Salvation Army was a pioneer in charity shops. In the 19th century, The Salvation Army was one of the first ever charities to run a second-hand shop to provide the poor with affordable products. 150 years later reuse and recycling is not only a form of aid, but also an important source of income and a professionalized part of Salvation Army.

Total tonnage clothing sold in wholesale (2018): 91.684
Total number of customers in retail (2018): 7.367.574
Total number of retail shops (2018): 306

ENoR unites the reuse and recycling departments of The Salvation Army in Europe. Participating departments/organisations are SATCOL (UK), ReShare (NL), Fretex Norway (NOR), Fretex International, Brocki.ch (CH), and Frelsens Haer (DEN). The network is aiming at learning, networking and synergies. This is facilitated by a.o. an annual conference, working groups and inspiration visits. Important topics are a Code of Conduct for wholesale customers buying used goods and sharing lessons learned on second-hand retail shops.