Code of Conduct for Clients Purchasing Donated Goods

Salvation Army Trading Operations in Europe developed a Code of Conduct (CoC) for clients purchasing donated goods (see download). The objective is that the downstream handling of our goods is in line with our overall mission of sustainability by adhering to the following principles:

  • Ethical handling of goods through the entire value chain.
  • Minimising the remaining waste fraction.

We view these principles as a fundamental part of our responsibility towards the people and organisations that donate goods to us.

ENoR members request wholesale clients to sign an International Ethical Statement. This statement differs per ENoR member, but in all cases the client confirms ...

  • to have read and understood the CoC.
  • to have the ambition to work to ensure that handling of goods takes place in compliance with standards as defined in the CoC.
  • that action is required to adjust non-conformances with the CoC in order to continue cooperation.
  • to fullfill the transparancy requirements (sorting fractions, downstream destinations, waste handling).