A group of signatories, including the Dutch Secretary of State for Circular Economy and Environment, has commited to an international collaboration which will ‘Close the Loop’ and develop a New Denim Industry Standard. The group includes Leger des Heils (Salvation Army in The Netherlands).

The Denim Deal makes concrete agreements for more reuse of old denim garments and new solutions to make Post-Consumer Recycling of Textiles (PCR). It has been agreed that brands such as Scotch & Soda, MUD Jeans and Kuyichi together make three million jeans garments containing at least 20% recycled textiles. In addition, all parties have agreed that they will work together towards the standard of at least 5% recycled textile in all denim garments as quickly as possible.

Dutch State Secretary Van Veldhoven: “The strength of this Denim Deal lies in the fact that all parties involved in the making and processing of a denim garment will participate, from production companies, brands and retailers, but also collectors, sorters, cutters and weavers. We are initiating a change in the entire chain”. The initiative is seen by some as as a prelude to extended producer responsibility for textiles. 

The Denim Deal will run for three years as an alliance of international frontrunners in the denim industry New parties who also want to participate can still join.

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